Health & Safety

At FBT our commitment to providing a safe and compliant work place is our greatest priority. We are also dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure our customers receive exceptional quality service.

We are committed to the health and safety of our team and to best practice health and safety measures with compliance that is unrelenting. By encouraging involvement from all staff; Management, Administration, Store Staff and drivers, we ensure that our protocols and procedures are practical and aligned with best practice, allowing our team to work safely and efficiently by concentrating on the task at hand.

At FBT we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in developing safety procedures and standard operating practices in the bulk transport industry. We are committed to developing a company culture of health and safety with the primary goal of zero harm to our team in the field.

We have applied considerable time and resources to implement health and safety policies and standard operating practices, with regular staff safety meetings which focus on identifying and eliminating potential hazards or incidents.

We always work alongside key partners, such as MAF, Taranaki Regional Council, Taranaki District Health Board and other regulatory departments, to constantly monitor and maintain high standards in all aspects of Health & Safety and Quality Control.